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Wednesday, September 30, 2020

Smart Money: Investing in Showcases or Player Development?

What's more important, investing in showcases or your player development?  

This blog isn't about whether showcases, individual trainers or player development programs are good or not.  It's about you as a player, parent or coach understanding the reality of what is and can happen in all scenarios. 

We get asked daily by parents and coaches about what showcases or player development programs they should be attending or be involved with to get their son/daughter or players looked at by college recruiters and scouts.  

This sounds like a simple and innocent enough question in the baseball or softball world we presently live in.  The reality is, that unless you, your child or your players actually have the athletic talent and character to play at the collegiate or pro level, attending a showcase is a waste of time, money and can even directly impact their future potential.  The exact same thing goes for player development programs.  Don't let the showcase or player development companies take advantage of you just because they know that the majority of players and parents have no experience or understanding of what it actually takes to be able to play at that level.  They can all promise you that you, your child or your players will get the exposure to college recruiters or scouts because that's what they do.  But, that alone is not what's going to get you to college or the pros, so stop throwing good money after bad and start building a real plan with people who will be completely in the journey with you.


We hear all the time, that this player got recruited when they attended this showcase or that showcase.  While it seems like the showcase was what got them an offer from a college recruiter, the reality was that it was their athletic ability and human characteristics that got them the offer.  No college recruiter or scout is going to talk to them just because they attended a particular showcase.  They are going to talk to them because they saw that they had the ability to play at their school or for their organization and then from their conversation with that player and their parents they can decide whether or not it's worth their time to invest further in that player.  Yes, certain showcase companies have built up a reputation for supposedly only having qualified players at their events which in turn brings out college recruiters and scouts, but it's also true that not all of those college recruiters and scouts actually like those showcase companies.  They show up at their events because they trust that there will be a larger talent pool of qualified players attending vs. an unknown or unrecognized showcase company.  At the end of the day, they are looking for players that have the ability and character to help their program.


Most parents and coaches don't understand that it's the player's overall and ongoing development first and foremost that will allow them to be ready to perform to their best ability while at a showcase or any other event the participate in.  Your son/daughter or players must truly be ready physically, mentally and emotionally to perform at all showcases, tournaments or events that college recruiters and scouts are present at.  Be ready first and then you can take advantage of the showcase or event instead of the showcase taking advantage of you.  Like I mentioned earlier, you can throw good money after bad trying to find trust worthy player development programs, just like attending every showcase because you think that's what will get you seen.  It's vital that you are direct when talking with potential coaches, trainers or programs and that they are direct in their responses to you.  If you get a response that leaves you with a Yellow Flag to any questions you have for them, then you need to hammer down on it with them until they convince you and show you that they are trust worthy.  We also suggest that you attend and watch and also participate in one of their lessons or practices to see if what they tell you is real or not.  If they leave you with a Red Flag, then thank them for their time and continue looking because at the end of the day, they must prove they are completely in the baseball or softball journey with your son/daughter or players.  Build your trust network of coaches or trainers who have the knowledge of how the system works and have the knowledge to be able to prepare them and yourself physically, mentally and emotionally for all of the situations that will happen along the way. 

We can't stress enough how important it is that you build your Trust Network of coaches, trainers, etc. that are not afraid to tell you what you need to hear and not always what you want to hear.  To us and for us, this is how we train, develop and interact with players, parents and coaches that we work with because we know it's the only way for you to have any chance at really reaching your full potential and your goals.  Another thing to know is that the game is just scratching the surface at the amateur level in how data and data collection is going to be used in player development and showcases alike.  There's exciting and drastic changes coming for you, your son/daughter or your players in regards to the use of data.

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Thursday, September 24, 2020

ACE MINDSET - Control What You Can Control!

Controlling what you can control is very similar to keeping it simple stupid!  So many players, parents and coaches get stressed out and constantly worry about things they feel is important instead of just worrying about controlling what you can actually control.

For us, it really comes down to having an "ACE MINDSET" being in control of your Attitude, Commitment, Effort and Mind.  When we train players, parents or coaches we always start with getting them to realize that these are things you can control in every thing you do in baseball, softball or your day to day life.  Nobody else should be in control of these or be able to affect the way you control these areas of your life.  Let's be honest, if you love what you're doing at any given moment or about to do, it's definitely easier to be in control of these areas and the complete opposite if you don't love what you're doing at that moment or about to do.  Some times you have to make adjustments to be able to be supportive to others who maybe love something that you don't at any given moment, but if you realize that you don't enjoy doing something, then why keep doing it and being miserable while doing it.

Let's go through it as a player.  If you love playing baseball or softball then your attitude, commitment, effort and mind should lead you to doing it at the field, with your friends, family and anyone else who has the same passion as you do.  It should never feel like a chore.  If you're a parent and your son or daughter love baseball or softball, it shouldn't matter the results they have at any given time during a game or practice as long as you see that their attitude, commitment, effort and mind are completely in control. The same goes if you're a coach.  If your players all have these characteristics, then you should be able to have the same control over your own attitude, commitment, effort and mind a lot easier.  Sure, we all get frustrated, disappointed and sometimes down right mad during games and practices, but each and everyone of us has no excuse or reason for us to lose control over these areas.  So don't!

The reality is that every day we're lucky enough to wake up and get one more day to make a difference in our own lives or someone else's, we need to be thankful and make the most of it.  Learn to be in control of what you can actually control first and then educate, encourage and even expect others to do the same.  There really is NO EXCUSE not to be in control of your Attitude, Commitment, Effort and Mind if what you're doing is what you love.  If what you're doing isn't what you love, then that doesn't mean you get to be out of control, it simply means that you should probably be looking at doing something else moving forward!

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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

One of the biggest issues we see regularly with players, parents and coaches is understanding the importance of having a Growth Mindset and how it positively impacts your journey.  We live in this go, go, go world that doesn't allow for ongoing growth to happen freely, therefore resulting in players, parents and coaches ending up with Fixed Mindsets.  You should wake up every day and think to yourself, how can I grow today!

You should always be building your Trust Network of growth minded people who will challenge you to grow every day.  We're not saying that you will end up agreeing, liking it or ultimately end up using what you hear or were taught immediately.  It may take some time working on it on your own to see if you like it or it works for you as well as a lot more in-depth conversations before you ever decide whether or not to use it yourself or share it with others.  What we do guarantee will happen over time when you have a Growth Mindset, is the excitement you will get from knowing that today I could end up more knowledgeable about a certain area of the game or life that I have struggled with and become stressed out over because I have had a Fixed Mindset before.  Your opportunity to be constantly growing as a player, parent and coach becomes endless.  Your knowledge about a variety of topics becomes empowering because you are now gaining the necessary education through your willingness to have a Growth Mindset.


Like we always say, we not always going to tell you want you want to hear, but we will tell you what you need to hear.  We do this because we genuinely want to see you grow as a player, parent and coach into the your fullest potential.  Taking the first step is often the hardest challenge as they say, but we guarantee that you'll be in way better control of your baseball, softball and life journey and have a lot less stress if you do!

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Tuesday, September 8, 2020

The DirtBag Brand!

I wanted to take some time to talk about the Dirtbag brand and the importance of building your own brand. 

When we started Dirtbag Baseball Nation, we really wanted to emphasize what it meant to us to be a Dirtbag.  To us, it was vital that we wanted people to know that we live, die, breathe this game 24/7.  We want a Dirtbag Nation of amateur players, parents and coaches all over the world who are willing to Get Up, Get After It and Get Dirty every single day in order to take control of your baseball career.

This is why, our mission is to be your Trusted Nation of baseball minds that will educate & empower you to stay in control of your baseball or softball journey.  We know that baseball and softball can be stressful and confusing, but now it doesn't have to be.  We are here to help you navigate each step of the way through our media platforms, industry leading partners, training and keep you accountable in any of our fanwear.  

We offer private consultations, our Baseball Evolution Podcast, PWDirtbags TV and our blog as resources as well as our apparel to help you show the world who you really are.

Building your own brand is the greatest thing given to you in your life!  Unfortunately, most people go through life chasing everybody else's brand instead of creating and growing your own.  Chasing is not the side you want to be on, creating and building your brand is.  It takes a Dirtbag mentality that allows you to understand that there is highs/lows, good days and tough days, and a trust network of people who really want to help you achieve your desired brand.  You have to understand personally what you want your brand to be and have a trusted network of people who will tell you what you need to hear when it's required rather than always what you want to hear.  This is one of the biggest challenges for amateur players and parents too overcome but if you do, it will change the way you act and react every day on the field and in your day to day life.  Nobody will really care about you until you show them your true self on a daily basis.

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

You will never create and build your brand until you have a growth mindset.  Having a growth mindset will allow you to listen and learn at all times, to see if the information giving to you is valuable to the type of brand you are creating and building.  Having a fixed mindset will do the exact opposite and will shut down your growth potential 100% of the time.  Once you learn the power of having a growth mindset can do for you, you will understand that it's ok to agree and disagree on all kinds of topics without simply saying, "I agree", "I like that", "That's genius" or "I disagree", "I hate that", "That's stupid".  You will be able take the information and make a mature and well thought out conclusion as to WHY, you agree or disagree with that person or the information you read as it pertains to the brand you are creating and building.  You will hold the power and be in control of how you grow your brand.

We know this is true because we live it everyday ourselves and have seen the unbelievable transformation in the players, parents and coaches that we work with on a daily basis.  The hardest part is taking the first step, but you'll never know what your brand could be if you don't take that first step!

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Wednesday, September 2, 2020

PWDirtbags TV - 5th Annual Prospect Wire Labor Day Classic West in Arizona

 PWDirtbags TV - Kirk is talking with Prospect Wire Scout, Jeromie Spillman about this weekend's 5th Annual Prospect Wire Labor Day Classic West in Peoria, AZ!

#PWDirtbags #ProspectWire #PWBaseball #PWNextGen #LaborDayClassic #Arizona #Peoria #PWCoverage #DirtbagBaseballNation #BaseballCloud 

ABCA 2021 Rob Sitz (RussMatt, Prospect Wire)

Rob Sitz discusses data integration in Prospect Wire and RussMatt. RussMatt