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Thursday, September 24, 2020

ACE MINDSET - Control What You Can Control!

Controlling what you can control is very similar to keeping it simple stupid!  So many players, parents and coaches get stressed out and constantly worry about things they feel is important instead of just worrying about controlling what you can actually control.

For us, it really comes down to having an "ACE MINDSET" being in control of your Attitude, Commitment, Effort and Mind.  When we train players, parents or coaches we always start with getting them to realize that these are things you can control in every thing you do in baseball, softball or your day to day life.  Nobody else should be in control of these or be able to affect the way you control these areas of your life.  Let's be honest, if you love what you're doing at any given moment or about to do, it's definitely easier to be in control of these areas and the complete opposite if you don't love what you're doing at that moment or about to do.  Some times you have to make adjustments to be able to be supportive to others who maybe love something that you don't at any given moment, but if you realize that you don't enjoy doing something, then why keep doing it and being miserable while doing it.

Let's go through it as a player.  If you love playing baseball or softball then your attitude, commitment, effort and mind should lead you to doing it at the field, with your friends, family and anyone else who has the same passion as you do.  It should never feel like a chore.  If you're a parent and your son or daughter love baseball or softball, it shouldn't matter the results they have at any given time during a game or practice as long as you see that their attitude, commitment, effort and mind are completely in control. The same goes if you're a coach.  If your players all have these characteristics, then you should be able to have the same control over your own attitude, commitment, effort and mind a lot easier.  Sure, we all get frustrated, disappointed and sometimes down right mad during games and practices, but each and everyone of us has no excuse or reason for us to lose control over these areas.  So don't!

The reality is that every day we're lucky enough to wake up and get one more day to make a difference in our own lives or someone else's, we need to be thankful and make the most of it.  Learn to be in control of what you can actually control first and then educate, encourage and even expect others to do the same.  There really is NO EXCUSE not to be in control of your Attitude, Commitment, Effort and Mind if what you're doing is what you love.  If what you're doing isn't what you love, then that doesn't mean you get to be out of control, it simply means that you should probably be looking at doing something else moving forward!

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