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Wednesday, September 16, 2020

Growth Mindset vs. Fixed Mindset

One of the biggest issues we see regularly with players, parents and coaches is understanding the importance of having a Growth Mindset and how it positively impacts your journey.  We live in this go, go, go world that doesn't allow for ongoing growth to happen freely, therefore resulting in players, parents and coaches ending up with Fixed Mindsets.  You should wake up every day and think to yourself, how can I grow today!

You should always be building your Trust Network of growth minded people who will challenge you to grow every day.  We're not saying that you will end up agreeing, liking it or ultimately end up using what you hear or were taught immediately.  It may take some time working on it on your own to see if you like it or it works for you as well as a lot more in-depth conversations before you ever decide whether or not to use it yourself or share it with others.  What we do guarantee will happen over time when you have a Growth Mindset, is the excitement you will get from knowing that today I could end up more knowledgeable about a certain area of the game or life that I have struggled with and become stressed out over because I have had a Fixed Mindset before.  Your opportunity to be constantly growing as a player, parent and coach becomes endless.  Your knowledge about a variety of topics becomes empowering because you are now gaining the necessary education through your willingness to have a Growth Mindset.


Like we always say, we not always going to tell you want you want to hear, but we will tell you what you need to hear.  We do this because we genuinely want to see you grow as a player, parent and coach into the your fullest potential.  Taking the first step is often the hardest challenge as they say, but we guarantee that you'll be in way better control of your baseball, softball and life journey and have a lot less stress if you do!

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Kirk McNabb
Dirtbag Baseball Nation
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